Welcome to the Chief and Toad Blog

Toad:  Never tell Chief you’d like to try something.  Next thing you know you will be taking a 2,100 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail — insane.  Stay posted and read about our trek in 2015.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Chief and Toad Blog

  1. We think there will be a “stop over” very near Virginia to kiss and hug a grand baby, Breanne and Eric!!!! GOD BLESS AND WATCH OVER EACH OF YOU ON THIS HIKE.
    Love YOU C & F


  2. This old “auntie” thinks you have lost your minds, but I wish you godspeed and care for your journey. I will be following you all the way!


  3. Read about your adventure in the newspaper. I wish you much success in your journey for such a noble cause. Please know that you will be in my prayers during your journey.


  4. Toad, you’re a real “cut up”. Sounds like fun but I’m glad you two are enjoying it. I prefer the links. Good luck.


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