Heading Out, Beaten Up

Just a quick note to let you know that we are heading out into the south of Maine on our Appalachian Trail hike.  After spending the night at the Farmhouse Inn in Rangeley Maine, we will be out in the woods for at least the next seven days.

This next stretch of 70 miles is reported to be extremely challenging and includes the toughest mile on the A.T. – a boulder field that will take a couple of hours to traverse. Mahoosuc Arm and Mahoosuc Notch are the areas that we aren’t looking forward to as we “scramble” over, under, and around large rocks.

Unfortunately this hike is taking a negative toll on our bodies.  After 1,416 miles, Chief is still struggling with a sore left shoulder after his mountain fall plus an open sore on his back where the heavy backpack rubs.  My knees are becoming more sore and stiff with every day and my feet are often numb but painful.  Our weight continues to drop and we struggle to carry enough high protein food to fuel our bodies.  We try not to complain because another hiker here in Rangeley just blew out a knee.  His hike is over for this year and he is headed home to Florida.

After this next stretch of trail, our challenge is the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Please pray for us for health and safety.  If we can get through these mountains we may have a less challenging trek back to Pennsylvania.  We may be hobbling, but we are committed, or should be committed, as the case may be!  😜

Regards, Chief and Toad


8 thoughts on “Heading Out, Beaten Up

  1. One can feel your despair in these few words. We are all praying for you, your safety, your perseverance of this great challenge. Take one step at a time and soon your goal will be insight. Love you, Aunt JoJo


  2. Hi Mike and Tina! Yes you need a break! Rest! I thought of you yesterday. We, my family and I went to Mohigan Trails. I never walked the trails before. I was almost in tears in spots. I told Christy if I fall I will croak. I was so glad to get back to the picnic table by the stream. Not sure I will venture down those trails any time soon. I thought of you both as I was struggling, down a well marked, worn trail and just could not imagine what you have been enjoying. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Be safe!


  3. We are so sorry that you are both hurting. To have every difficult step be painful (and that is all you do!) is just awful! Thinking about you and praying for your the healing of your painful bodies and your safety. Love and miss you, John and Jill

    J M Gurney



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