Is It Time?

Is it time to go home?  That is the question regarding our Appalachian Trail adventure.

We each may have thought about going home one or two hundred times but never actually spoke the words aloud. To be transparent, Chief and I have recently had the conversation around this very question.

Our bodies are beaten down and in pain.  We have lost a total of 65 pounds (Chief 40, Toad 25) and struggle to carry enough food to fuel our bodies.  We now hike 11-12 hours per day and only cover about one mile per hour.  We are working harder but are less productive.

Looking ahead, the terrain and rocky climb of the White Mountains in New Hampshire is reportedly harder than what we may be able to achieve.  Add in the mountain elevations over 6,000′ and it is more than we can fathom.  The fundraising efforts for the Gurney Family is very important and we want John to benefit abundantly in his treatments against cancer.  Having already hiked over 1,500 miles on the A.T. is no small feat.  Praise God for giving us His strength to accomplish that much.

But is it time?  We are praying for God’s guidance and our next step – whether back to Ohio or boots on the trail …

A Time for Everything, Chief and Toad


7 thoughts on “Is It Time?

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. When it is time to go home, we all need to listen to our bodies. The trail will always be there. The important thing is that you have a life time to continue and you need a health body and mind to continue with God’s work. I pray that your decision to hike or return home is lead with God’s assistants, as I know it will be. I am so proud of both of you for what you have accomplishes. Remember that I also went home and listened to my body (and my rehab instructor.) Till we meet again and I pray that it will be soon. You 2 are very special friends. So glad that I had the opportunity to meet and hikewith you both. You made my hike a special one this year.
    Your brother in Christ, Chief 2 Feathers


  2. It is one thing to push yourself beyond your physical limit, which you both most certainly have done. For first-time full-time hikers, it is the next thing for you to decide when you have overstepped a limit that only you will know. As I have been with you with each step of the way, praying for your comfort, your safety and your courage, I know there isn’t one person who would find fault if you listen to your bodies and give it a rest. Just think how little is left for you to tackle the next time you are back in shape. We all love you and hope good sense will prevail. Auntie Jo


  3. Just caught up on your blogs. You will know when it is time to “give it a rest.” We are so proud of you for accomplishing so much and supporting John is such a special way. You will have all your special memories no matter what. Listen for that little sign from God and follow his advise, as you always have. Judy Ream


  4. Praying for wisdom for both of you as you make your decision. The trail will always be there and there’s always next year, if God wills it. You’re both amazing and hiking over 1500 miles is something to be very proud of.


  5. You will never forgive yourselves if you give in now. Dig deep and God will see you through. Praying for your failing bodies and determined spirits.


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