They Are Leaving the Trail

She knew the moment that her foot slipped off the rock that it was bad. She tried to tell herself that it might only be a bad sprain but the pop she heard was undeniable.  Thankfully there was cell service so she quickly called 911. It took rangers four hours to get her off the trail and to the hospital. Unfortunately, a broken leg is sending thru-hiker Box Turtle home to Pittsburgh.

Rolo, whom we first met in Virginia and saw again in New Hampshire is headed back to UMass for the fall semester of his Junior year.

A young woman from Vermont that we saw several times in the south passed us yesterday.  She had contracted Lyme disease and is skipping some of the A.T. due to fatigue.  Her hiking partner is from Germany and is leaving because his 6-month visa is expiring.

Another hiker we met from Germany is skipping some of the trail due to time constraints on her visa.  She wants to hop up to Maine and complete Katahdin before leaving.

Chief and I are still hiking SOBO and hanging in.  We are hoping that once we get into Vermont that the trail may get less challenging and the mountains not as high.  We have completed 1,569 miles and have 620 yet to hike.  We stopped in Lincoln, NH last night to resupply.  Chief is working on weight gain by eating 4 chocolate eclairs and 5 berry pastries.  If he can continue hiking after that gluttony we are…

Still On The Trail, Chief and Toad


7 thoughts on “They Are Leaving the Trail

  1. Deep down in my heart, I had a feeling you would pull up your boot straps and march on to the finish line! Stubbornness runs in the family you know – so I’ll keep praying and you keep hiking! Love you, Auntie Jo


  2. I keep seeing ads for a new movie, “A Walk in the Woods” with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte as two 70+ men who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail! Another reminder of your awesome exploits (for lack of a better word)! Prayers for your health and safety.


  3. So proud of you. Take care of yourselves, there will be life after the AT! May God continue to bless you with courage and perseverence as your trek continues.


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