Chief: What I Have Learned

What I have learned while hiking the Appalachian Trail:

It reinforced and I have witnessed that God is alive and helps us daily.

Importance of family and friendships and how much I missed our kids and grandchildren during this absence.

Importance of my wife as my best friend and how it makes it easier to endure difficult situations.

That hiking the Appalachian Trail is the most difficult thing I have done.

The importance of prayer.

Simplicity and living with just the necessities; understanding we just need a few basics in life.

To be grateful for a shower, a bed, and ice-cold pop (it’s “soda” everywhere on the A.T.)

Appreciating the beauty of God’s creation.

That friends help us along life’s way.

There are a lot of good decent people who help in this world.

That 2,189 miles is a LONG way!

Sincerely, Chief

– – –

Toad and I are currently in New York State, having completed 1,979 miles with 210 miles yet to hike.   We hope to finish in Pennsylvania in two weeks. Thank you for your continued support, comments and prayers!


2 thoughts on “Chief: What I Have Learned

  1. You will never forget those things that have happened over your 2100+ miles you have walked……..just roll that word over your tongue “walked” and we think it’s difficult to walk to the mailbox, or next door to visit a new neighbor…….and then remember that Jesus walked nearly every where and still is. God bless you, Auntie Jo loves you.


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